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Excelsior Jones – Cronuts

Cronuts. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the geniusness of the guy who created these little babies!

They truly are the best thing to come to the food world since I’m not sure what, but until you’ve tried one of them you probably won’t understand the hype – so go get yourself one now!

My friend and I are convinced Excelsior Jones makes some of the best cronuts in Sydney. A good cronut should be crispy on the outside but have the same fluffy texture of a donut, except with the layers of a croissant. The cronuts at Excelsior Jones achieves this balance perfectly.

Excelsior Jones is located on the corner street, so be careful not to miss it like we did on our first visit. When you first walk in you’ll notice the cute, homely decor. We got a seat by the window, which provided a nice view of the quiet street.



There are three flavours of cronuts on offer: cinnamon, glazed and chocolate hazelnut. I opted for the more traditional option of cinnamon and my friend ordered the glazed. I tried the glazed and I definitely recommend those – they’re my fave!20140729-215344-78824766.jpg




The crispy exterior sprinkled with speckles of sugar, and layers of buttery goodness that taste fluffy and airy, like heaven in your mouth.

We also ordered the house smoked salmon hash with pork crackling and poached eggs, which was also delicious! It’s a struggle to finish though, as the fattiness in the salmon with pork hash get a bit rich towards the end. 20140729-215705-79025642.jpg

20140729-215707-79027262.jpgWould definitely recommend this place as another inner west Sydney cafe that’s convenient to get to!

On another visit:



Glazed cronut and Chocolate hazelnut.

Had the cheeseburger with fries. The fries were so good!


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