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Hobart: Franks

I’ve just come back from an epic tour around Tasmania, tasting the fresh produce down there just made me appreciate that we live in such a beautiful country. Hobart is definitely a foodie’s destination, particularly for seafood that’s cheap and available. But after nights of oysters and Tasmanian salmon, we were in the mood for something a little different and the wonderful lady at the Avis counter recommended we go to Franks. This is easily confused with the other award winning restaurant in Hobart, Franklin, which we didn’t manage to get around to but we weren’t disappointed with our choice.

Franks is a south American inspired restaurants, that serve small tapas dishes designed to be shared. As you walk in your greeted with a huge wall painting and unique art sculptures that immediately make you feel like you’ve just walked into some underground hipster restaurant. It is extremely dark in the room with orange hues across the restaurant.



We couldn’t go past the oysters, I mean c’mon, we only had 5 days in Hobart and had to make the most of our oyster eating days. We decided to go with something a littler different, since we had been eating fresh oysters most of the time and ordered the Fire-roasted Oysters with chorizo, peppers & garlic.



You could smell the chorizo as the dish lands to the table, however we would have probably preferred something less heavy as the flavours of the oyster did get lost amongst the strong chorizo flavours.

The Empanadas were quite expensive, costing $5.50 each. And since there were only two options: Beef & Egg, and Tres Queso, this made our decision easy.


The pastry was light and flaky with a crisp exterior. I personally preferred the Tres Queso, as I found the Beef & Egg slightly dry. It also would have been nice if the empanadas came with a dipping sauce.

For the smaller dishes we order the Frank cold-smoked salmon with yellow chilli aiolo, sweet potato chips which was absolutely delicious. You can never go wrong with Tasmanian salmon in Tasmania.


The main was definitely the highlight of the meal. We ordered the Spice rubbed pork rib, inca Kola glaze & fried pickles, which was so moreish. The pork ribs were tender with a sweet sticky smoky glaze and the fried onions on the side were the perfect accompaniment.




Crisp Potatoes

If you take a look at the dessert menu, it might be a bit difficult to decipher what each one really is. In the end with some research on Instagram, we took a punt and went with the Nemesis cake, whisky ice cream, brazil nut, smoked paprika praline. It turned out to be a chocolate brownie. The whisky ice cream was definitely not devoid of whisky and the alcohol was extremely prominent.


Overall, it was an enjoyable night and a wonderful relaxed atmosphere with good service. But was it the best Mexican/ South American food I’ve had? Not by far. But I guess it’s because we’re spoilt for choice here in Sydney. If you’re feeling like a change of cuisine in Hobart, then Franks is worth checking out for a chilled night by the waterfront with good food.

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