Epic Grad Trip Part 1: Singapore

Wow wow wow it has been an incredibly long time since I’ve last blogged! But finally I’m free from a tortuous 9 months in a 9-5 full time job… okay maybe tortuous seems a bit exaggerated… but fellow 9-5ers can probably relate to me. Anyway, I finally have some time to myself and to this blog so expect a lot more posts!

Lets backtrack a bit to late 2015. Now this trip had been in planning since early last year when we were all graduating and dreaming of that ‘Epic grad trip’. It turned from a 1.5 month long trip to a trip that only lasted 2 weeks…and you can all probably guess why. We graduated, got jobs, life happened. But boy am I glad I took that trip even if it was for a short 2 weeks! I had the best time of my life and I heed anyone to travel while they’re young with friends, it’s an experience you’ll never get back.

Anyway enough rambling, our trip would start from Sydney to Singapore, Singapore to Seoul, Korea, then to Osaka Japan.

This first part of the blog will cover Singapore, in which we stayed a short 2 days. Now I’ve been to Singapore before, so it didn’t really excite me as much, though I was of course excited about the food. Good and cheap – who can complain?

The night we landed we of course had to rush and get our feed of Singapore Chilli Crab.




This was at No Signboard in Clarke Quay. Personally, I didn’t feel it was that great especially when we all paid over $70AUD for dinner per head! Jumbo Seafood in Marina Bay was much better.

Here’s the obligatory photo of Chicken Rice from Bu Tong Kee. I wish we had the chance to eat at Tian Tian Chicken Rice mmmm would travel to Singapore just for that!



Sweet drink from nearby Hawker Centre



Marina Bay

Anyway, the point of this post was to not to share dodgy photos of chilli crab taken on my phone, but to hopefully enlighten some of you out there even if it’s just one person to see the world and make travelling a priority on your to do list because I can tell you whole heartedly you can learn more in that small window of time than you will learn in a school or an office.

I specifically remember this moment, sitting on the train in Kyoto by myself for the first time, in a foreign country, 10,000 miles from anyone I knew and coming to the realisation that the world is a big big place, bigger than you know it to be right now. There’s a world out there you can explore and many things you can do – it doesn’t have to be the set path you thought you had to follow or society taught you how it should be.

The fact that I could gain so much in such a short period of time made me realise what was I doing for the rest of the 300 days of the year…if i was back home, sitting at my desk at work, nothing, absolutely nothing would have changed in those 2 weeks.

Happy travelling kids.

Part 2,3 & 4 are coming soon! Stay posted.