Cedrus Lebanese Restaurant

What do you think of when you think of Lebanese food? Maybe the late night kebabs, or the falafel you grab from the shop around the corner – but nope there’s a whole lot more than that to Lebanese food that I didn’t know about until my friend introduced me to Cedrus. This family owned business is around the corner of the road when you first drive into Meadowbank facing the water.

It’s well priced, big portions and authentic food.


Cedrus is all about the experience of dining and tradition, which is how the menu is designed. You start with your salads and dips, followed by hot or cold ‘mezza’ and your mains. Cedrus Menu

We start of with the beautiful Fatoush Salad ($14) and a generous plate of hommus.

When the food comes to the table we are WOWed by the presentation, everything looked so fresh, I cannot emphasise this enough!

The hommus is beautifully smooth and rich in flavour.



Beautiful creamy texture – Just look at those chickpeas!

The Fatoush Salad is a medley of seasonal fresh vegetables, engulfed in our special dressing and topped with crispy pita bread. This by far has to be one of the best salads I’ve had in a while. I don’t know what they put into the dressing, but it packs the perfect punch of zesty and vinegary flavour. And those crispy pita breads… I could devour a plate of those alone!


Just look how crispy and full of flavour they are! This salad I highly recommend.


Crispy Pita Bread

They also have Lebanese beer, which judging from my boyfriend’s reaction is one worth trying if you’re interested in something different.



After the cold starters, we move onto the hot mezza where we ordered the Grilled Haloumi ($18). The Haloumi stack is served with tomatoes on a bed of lettuce and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It is beautifully presented when it comes to the table and again looks extremely fresh and inviting.


Grilled Haloumi Stack

I’ve always had a love for haloumi and they do it perfectly grilled here. The freshness of the tomatoes and lettuce does well to cut through the richness.

After you’ve had your mezza you can order your mains from a range of meat and seafood.

We order the Lamb Mansaf ($24), which looks like a dish fit for a feast as it lands on the table. It is Lebanese style rice topped with minced lamb, toasted mixed nuts, herbs and spices, served with mint yoghurt sauce. This is a dish I’ve never had before but loved instantly.

The lamb is amazingly tender and the flavour of the lamb runs through the rice, which makes the whole dish extremely fragrant. The mixed nuts add the perfect element of texture with the yoghurt again cutting through the richness. Another dish that I would definitely order again, especially for the portion size and price. It also comes with some Lebanese pickles.



It’s a shame we were only two people, otherwise we would have tried more on the menu. We will definitely be grabbing a big group of friends with us next time, as Lebanese food is meant to be shared!

Would highly recommend Cedrus to anyone who lives around the area looking to feed a group, it’s greatly priced, generous portions, amazing food and friendly service.


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