Lid & Jar

I had first heard about the Lid & Jar at Rhodes and had tried the honeycomb milkshake there, and thought it was fantastic!

But there was little food options there so I was so glad when I heard they were opening a new store at Chatswood.

The store is located at the Concourse and there’s seating upstairs outside, which has a lovely relaxing atmosphere.



We were recommended the sliders and southern fried chicken.



The pork belly sliders were amazing. The pulled pork was braised to perfection – super tender and juicy.

The spicy mayo went perfectly with it. But what I liked most was that crispy brioche bun.

The southern fried chicken was really authentic, though I must admit I still prefer Mary’s. The chips though were disappointing.


I also ordered the Chai milkshake, which was amazing! I highly recommend it.

It comes served in a hipster mason jar – Instagram worthy.


All in all, this is a great place to hang out and just chill with some great food.

It has a really relaxed atmosphere and I loved how it wasn’t too packed.

I’m not sure why it hasn’t gotten some rave reviews, but I did go on a weekday around 2pm so when it was not so busy. From personal experience staff were all very friendly and helpful.

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