Cabramatta Moon Festival 2014

Last Sunday, on Father’s day was the annual Cabramatta Moon Festival. This was my first time going to the moon festival so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It had also been about 8 years since I’ve been down to Cabramatta and I was surprised to see that not a lot has changed. I still remember the streets and shops from my childhood and it was a walk down memory lane tasting the food and experiencing the hustle and bustle that is Cabramatta.

It took forever to find parking, so we were starving by the time we got there. Of course you couldn’t come to Cabramatta without having some pho. So after some searching on Urbanspoon, Pho Tau Bay came out on top.



We ordered the combination beef pho, which comes with rare beef, tripe and beef balls. Not gonna lie, but I was expecting more considering it had such rave reviews. The taste of the broth was quite subtle and there wasn’t as strong of a beef bone flavour as I would have liked. My favourite pho is still the one in Lidcombe, Vincent’s Noodle House.

Pho Tau Bay on Urbanspoon

After lunch we hit up the main street which was lined with market stalls selling street food, moon cakes and other merchandise. The streets were packed with people! I felt like I was back in a Taiwanese night market – the people traffic jam was insane!

The first thing we stubbled upon were these cute little coconuts filled with coconut jelly. Everybody was eating these and they looked so cute! I couldn’t resist. The jelly had a strong coconut water flavour, it was definitely one of the best things I had that day.


Coconut Jelly



Pandan Waffle

I was most looking forward to being reunited with Cabramatta’s infamous street food, pandan waffles. I used to have these all the time when I was a kid and it sure brought back a lot of memories! These are absolutely delicious and dirt cheap, $1.50 for one whole waffle.

I have a weakness for desserts and a massive sweet-tooth. Remember that time in Melbourne when I had nothing but cakes and desserts for every meal? Yeah, it’s a problem. But who can blame me when you have golden fluffy nuggets of joy coated in sugar, dipped in warm melted chocolate like these churros. IMG_5415.JPG




These quite honestly were one of the best, if not the best churros I’ve ever had. They even beat out San Churros. They were so crispy on the outside it was incredible.

Of course I didn’t just come to the Moon Festival for the food (or did I), I also came to see Dami! I was obsessed with X-Factor the past two years and am a huge fan of Dami. She is even more amazing live than when she performed on X-Factor. Her voice and range is phenomenal.





Potato on a stick


Maxim’s Moon Cake

These were one of the purchases I made at the markets, everyone was crowding around this stall that sold Korean ice cream pops. They had melon flavour, watermelon, red bean and people were buying these in bulk. It was $2.50 for one of these tayaki  fish ice cream waffles. They looked so unique so I decided to give it a try.



It has a waffle like exterior with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste layered inside. I was hoping the waffle would be crispy, but it was soft – kind of like the cheap ice cream cones you get in a box at the supermarket.

The filling was quite nice though, and I liked how the vanilla ice cream stayed firm inside. IMG_5469.JPG

It was a great way to spend father’s day and celebrate the mid-autumn festival. I’ll definitely be coming back to Cabramatta soon to try out some more food!