Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine – Round 2

So I’m back again with another blog post on one of my favourite places to go for Hong Kong food! This time we went for lunch, so if you’re looking to see what they have on offer at dinner check out my previous post.

I’ve always wanted to try their siu-lap, which is the roasted pork, duck and chicken you see hanging in the windows of Chinese butchers. The cha-siu, BBQ pork, is a staple lunchbox for many in Hong Kong. It’s quick, easy and satisfying.

I love how Old town have a mini size, which is perfect if you’re not looking for something too filling. The cha-siu is glistening red as it comes to the table. The pork is tender and the rice is lightly flavoured with pork juices.


The curry fish balls are a typical Hong Kong street food, and Old Town do a fine job in replicating them.



Red Vinegar braised pork knuckle



Pan-fried pork dumplings


Cha-siu bao, BBQ pork buns

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