Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

So on this cold, dreary night my friend and I decided to hit up the city on the hunt for some soul warming Chinese food. I haven’t been to the city in probably 3 months, and man has a lot changed! There are so many new restaurants that have popped up in Chinatown, mainly provincial Chinese cuisines.

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys serves up Fujian cusine, a province in southern China just above Guangzhou. The restaurant is located nearΒ the Chinese/K-pop music CD shop and can be spotted by the large glass doors. Immediately when you walk in, it appears to be quite small, though there is seating upstairs.

The menu is quite extensive and the food reminds me a lot of Two Sticks Yunnan cuisine that also opened recently.

The best thing about eating asian is it’s CHEAP, yet always satisfying.

The side dishes here are amazing and you really get bang for your buck. We ordered the lychee sweet and sour pork and boy were they moreish. They’re a little more on the tangy side compared to the traditional sweet and sour pork you’d get at Chinese takeaways, though still delicious. Most side dishes are $6.50, so you could get a couple of them to share.




I ordered the Spicy signature noodle soup, which consists of beef, pork, fish balls and tofu. The soup was extremely spicy, so beware those who have a low chilli tolerance! I felt the spiciness of the soup was a little overpowering, so that the flavour of the soup didn’t come through as much.

The shape of the spoon was also quite odd and possibly not the most practical.


My friend ordered the Braised beef noodle soup which was around $10. I tried a bit of the broth and it was quite flavoursome, though I prefer the Taiwanese braised beef noodle soup.IMG_5181.JPG


Service was good, and staff were really friendly, though they didn’t speak much English.

All in all, I found it to be quite a good experience, though I expected more. I think this is a great place for a casual meal, especially if you’re looking for good food at a good value, definitely give this place a go!

It’s something a little bit different than your typical Chinese food. I’m so glad that so many provincial Chinese restaurants are opening up because we definitely need more diversity in the Chinese eating scene.