The Choc Pot – chocolate heaven

This has long been my favorite late night, go-to dessert place. I’ve only just managed to come around to writing a blog post about it…all thanks to the money shot at the end of this post! Well what can I say, this is truly chocolate heaven. Hands down best desserts in town for all the chocolate lovers out there.

This cute little place is conveniently located next to Burwood station in the seemingly derelict apartment block surrounding it. The bright yellow chairs and ‘hipster’ lighting are beckoning you to come in, you just can’t resist.

If you don’t live around Burwood, let me tell you this little baby, the molten choc pot is worth the trip.

Oozy,gooey,warm and soft, it will make the coldest of winter days the warmest of nights. I know I’m making this sounds fanciful, but this is what good food does to a foodie,it takes you to another place.



And on a separate visit, we tried their hot chocolatesΒ IMG_3784.JPG

It looks delicious, though I would say it could do with a stronger chocolate hitIMG_3786.JPG


The choc pot does monthly specials, and we tried the Apple pie-ffle, which was delicious!IMG_2839.JPG

A toasty waffle, topped with warm spiced apple chunks and creme anglaise IMG_2845.JPG
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