Cumulus Inc.

So I’m back from a four day adventure in Melbourne – the city of food and fashion! We made it our mission to try as many cafes and restaurants as possible, and probably gained a couple of kilos in the process…but hey YOLO!

My favourite meal of the day would probably have to be breakfast/brunch and Melbourne is certainly in no shortage of great brunch spots. This would have to be my next favourite place after Hardware Societe. My friend recommended me the homemade crumpets with lemon ricotta and Rooftop honey, and man were they good!20140729-210826-76106063.jpg


Thanks Jess for the nice drizzle shot.20140729-211035-76235445.jpg

We both ordered Cappuccino’s. 20140729-211034-76234029.jpg


The crumpets were light and golden, with a crisp exterior having been lightly fried, while still being nice and airy on the inside, as it should be. What made this dish though was that lemon ricotta! The lemon notes were intense and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice brings out the flavour even more. Who would have thought that savoury would work with sweet? But the combination is amazingly delicious with the honey balancing out the whole dish.20140729-211200-76320755.jpg

Golden nuggets of joy!20140729-211309-76389449.jpg

We also had to order their infamous lemon curd Madeleines, which look as good as they taste. I haven’t had many madeleines before, but the ones that I’ve had were always soft and cake-like in texture. These Madeleines had a biscuity texture on the outside and a slightly softer centre. The lemon curd lifts these biscuits and ensures the texture doesn’t become too dry. 20140729-211307-76387888.jpg


20140729-211345-76425075.jpgWill definitely be coming back for those lemon honey crumpets next time I’m in Melbourne! They really were that good.

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