Hardware Societe

Apparently this is the brunch place to be in Melbourne, and after visiting twice I can certainly see why. The food is fantastic.

Good thing we arrived around 9.30am, because anytime after that there’s always a crowd of people outside waiting to get a table.

The restaurant is tucked away near the end of Hardware Lane, though it’s hard to miss as its already buzzing early in the morning.


We got a nifty spot near the cashier with our own bench with cushions and all.

Hardware Societe is known for their baked eggs with chorizo and they certainly do not dissapoint. The small pot of bubbling goodness packs a punch, with the spicy chorizo and meaty flavours. It’s the perfect size for a satisfying brekky.



On the other side of the table, my friends ordered the pork belly which looks phenomenal, you’d mistake it for a lunch option not a breakfast one!


All the coffees come with a cute tiny donut ball which is delectable. I wish they sold these! (not sure if they do)20140730-002721-1641457.jpg

Had to come back to try this!

The fried Brioche with Earl Grey pannacotta and mini meringues looked amazing as it came to the table. The pannacotta had a strong earl grey flavour.


20140730-010331-3811262.jpgDefinitely a favourite place of mine in Melbourne.

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