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Hardware Societe

Apparently this is the brunch place to be in Melbourne, and after visiting twice I can certainly see why. The food is fantastic.

Good thing we arrived around 9.30am, because anytime after that there’s always a crowd of people outside waiting to get a table.

The restaurant is tucked away near the end of Hardware Lane, though it’s hard to miss as its already buzzing early in the morning.


We got a nifty spot near the cashier with our own bench with cushions and all.

Hardware Societe is known for their baked eggs with chorizo and they certainly do not dissapoint. The small pot of bubbling goodness packs a punch, with the spicy chorizo and meaty flavours. It’s the perfect size for a satisfying brekky.



On the other side of the table, my friends ordered the pork belly which looks phenomenal, you’d mistake it for a lunch option not a breakfast one!


All the coffees come with a cute tiny donut ball which is delectable. I wish they sold these! (not sure if they do)20140730-002721-1641457.jpg

Had to come back to try this!

The fried Brioche with Earl Grey pannacotta and mini meringues looked amazing as it came to the table. The pannacotta had a strong earl grey flavour.


20140730-010331-3811262.jpgDefinitely a favourite place of mine in Melbourne.

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Hopetoun Tea Rooms – Melbourne

Warning: There’s going to be a lot of cake in this post!

If you follow my Instagram then you’ll know we went dessert crazy in Melbourne. Basically dessert became lunch and we were on an unbelievable sugar-high.

But we had to try the cakes at Hopetoun, as apparently they’re some of the best in Melbourne.


Immediately you’re drawn to the shot with its colourful cake display with every flavour imaginable. It’s located in the Block Arcade I believe, and looks similar to the Victorian style of Sydney’s QVB.20140729-235717-86237305.jpg







I ordered the lime tart, as I didn’t want anything too heavy and creamy after having so much sweets the day before. The tart had a refreshing lime taste and the brûlée top added a textural element.

The lemon meringue looked tempting but I didn’t think I could stomach something so heavy, though I did have a try of it and the meringue was super light and fluffy.20140730-000130-90543.jpg

My friends ordered the passionfruit tart, apple and berry crumble and white chocolate cheesecake.20140730-000210-130286.jpg

20140730-000208-128635.jpgThe tea room was quite small and there was a line to get in, though it moved pretty quickly. The decor was quaint, and reminded me of Mrs. Umbridge’s room from Harry Potter with the wallpaper and antique clocks.

It’s well worth a visit for the Victorian high tea feel. The cakes are delicious, just make sure you go in with an appetite for desserts!

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The Pig & Pastry

Oh my goodness, why haven’t I discovered this gem of a cafe earlier! The food here is SO good! You really do find the best hidden cafes on Instagram.

I came here on a nice sunny day, and it was relatively easy to get to by car albeit I missed it the first time, as it’s sitting right on the corner from where you come in off Parramatta Road.

They have a great selection on their menu for Breakfast and lunch. The milkshakes menu immediately caught my attention with the unique flavours.

This gingerbread milkshake was the bomb diggity. It really tasted of gingerbread, and even had pieces of it throughout the drink that gave the whole drinking experience another element. Highly recommend this!20140729-223420-81260396.jpg


When I saw a plate of cured salmon walk past me, I knew I had to get this. The salmon is house cured and was literally bright orange when it came to the table and it tasted so fresh.

The best element on the plate though was that fried poached egg. Can I get an amen. This is the epitome of good food.

The accompanying apple and avocado slaw cuts through the richness perfectly, providing balance to the dish. Absolutely loved this dish and would highly recommend it.20140729-223422-81262906.jpg


20140729-223903-81543409.jpgI also tried some of the chicken schnitzel and it was also cooked to perfection. The chicken was still moist and tender with a super crispy coating. It was so flavoursome and I loved the mayo that came with it.


What a great find! This place definitely serves up some of the best cafe food in Sydney.

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Excelsior Jones – Cronuts

Cronuts. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the geniusness of the guy who created these little babies!

They truly are the best thing to come to the food world since I’m not sure what, but until you’ve tried one of them you probably won’t understand the hype – so go get yourself one now!

My friend and I are convinced Excelsior Jones makes some of the best cronuts in Sydney. A good cronut should be crispy on the outside but have the same fluffy texture of a donut, except with the layers of a croissant. The cronuts at Excelsior Jones achieves this balance perfectly.

Excelsior Jones is located on the corner street, so be careful not to miss it like we did on our first visit. When you first walk in you’ll notice the cute, homely decor. We got a seat by the window, which provided a nice view of the quiet street.



There are three flavours of cronuts on offer: cinnamon, glazed and chocolate hazelnut. I opted for the more traditional option of cinnamon and my friend ordered the glazed. I tried the glazed and I definitely recommend those – they’re my fave!20140729-215344-78824766.jpg




The crispy exterior sprinkled with speckles of sugar, and layers of buttery goodness that taste fluffy and airy, like heaven in your mouth.

We also ordered the house smoked salmon hash with pork crackling and poached eggs, which was also delicious! It’s a struggle to finish though, as the fattiness in the salmon with pork hash get a bit rich towards the end. 20140729-215705-79025642.jpg

20140729-215707-79027262.jpgWould definitely recommend this place as another inner west Sydney cafe that’s convenient to get to!

On another visit:



Glazed cronut and Chocolate hazelnut.

Had the cheeseburger with fries. The fries were so good!


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Cumulus Inc.

So I’m back from a four day adventure in Melbourne – the city of food and fashion! We made it our mission to try as many cafes and restaurants as possible, and probably gained a couple of kilos in the process…but hey YOLO!

My favourite meal of the day would probably have to be breakfast/brunch and Melbourne is certainly in no shortage of great brunch spots. This would have to be my next favourite place after Hardware Societe. My friend recommended me the homemade crumpets with lemon ricotta and Rooftop honey, and man were they good!20140729-210826-76106063.jpg


Thanks Jess for the nice drizzle shot.20140729-211035-76235445.jpg

We both ordered Cappuccino’s. 20140729-211034-76234029.jpg


The crumpets were light and golden, with a crisp exterior having been lightly fried, while still being nice and airy on the inside, as it should be. What made this dish though was that lemon ricotta! The lemon notes were intense and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice brings out the flavour even more. Who would have thought that savoury would work with sweet? But the combination is amazingly delicious with the honey balancing out the whole dish.20140729-211200-76320755.jpg

Golden nuggets of joy!20140729-211309-76389449.jpg

We also had to order their infamous lemon curd Madeleines, which look as good as they taste. I haven’t had many madeleines before, but the ones that I’ve had were always soft and cake-like in texture. These Madeleines had a biscuity texture on the outside and a slightly softer centre. The lemon curd lifts these biscuits and ensures the texture doesn’t become too dry. 20140729-211307-76387888.jpg


20140729-211345-76425075.jpgWill definitely be coming back for those lemon honey crumpets next time I’m in Melbourne! They really were that good.

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Paper Plane Cafe

I’m so glad that these little hipster cafes are coming to the Western suburbs! I heard that the paper planes burger was one of the best burgers in town, but peanut butter and bacon seemed a bit too heavy for us on this occasion so we settled for the safe option: Beef Burger.20140729-205141-75101774.jpg

That oozy goodness…#eggporn! The beef patties were juicy and full of flavour and the mayo just topped it off perfectly. But the star of the show were those chunky chips! Amazingly crunchy and still fluffy on the inside.20140729-205139-75099539.jpg


20140729-205330-75210651.jpgI’ll definitely be back to try the other items on their menu!

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Stix Desserts

So on a gloomy winter’s day during the holidays, we decided to hit up one of the hottest dessert places in town at the moment – Stix Desserts! I had seen posts of this place on my Instagram feed and knew I needed to get in on the hype. Here’s the obligatory full frontal pic – yes it is epic: 20140729-201610-72970458.jpg

Immediately when we walked in, we were greeted with a smile and a friendly staff who asked us how our day was. The display of gelato ‘stix’ was actally smaller than what I had pictured in my mind, but nonetheless extremely enticing. I was drawn to the unique flavours such as biscotti and Spekulatius, which she told us was a take on a donut. We tried out a couple of flavours before I settled on the biscotti, which was delicious!

The next step is to choose your chocolate! I chose dark chocolate (they say it’s better for you!) and you get a choice of toppings ranging from peanuts, almonds, 100’s and 1000’s, Milo and more. I chose peanuts so it ended up looking and tasting a lot like a golden gay-time, but hey I’m not complaining!


The gelato is smooth and creamy as it should be and the chocolate hardens slightly, adding the perfect element of crunch.20140729-201655-73015284.jpg

20140729-202623-73583811.jpgI love the unique idea and concept of the store. It is very reminiscent of the self-serve froyo craze that has swept across Sydney, and if that’s anything to go by, then this is bound to be a success!

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